Agreement on cooperation signed between IMIN and the Government of Posavina County

In the Government of the Posavska County in Orašje today (October 22), an Agreement on Cooperation was signed between the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies Zagreb, represented by the IMIN director Marina Perić-Kaselj and the Government of Posavina County, represented by the Prime Minister of Posavina County Đuro Topić.

The agreement establishes cooperation in the field of scientific research and knowledge transfer to the Posavina County with special attention to the wider area of Bosanska Posavina where Croats live in both entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Brcko District, in order to research cultural and historical identity, migration movements, cross-border cooperation between the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighboring countries (Republic of Serbia / AP Vojvodina, Republic of Hungary) as well as sustainable development in order to strengthen all capacities of local government and self-government in the Posavina County.

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