Connect Week UNIN

From 8. – 12.05.2023., University North held ‘Connect Week UNIN’ which saw key stakeholders, dominant industry leaders, academics, local business and students joined together in discussions around building careers and career opportunities in Croatia. Industry leaders and local businesses shared information with students, inspiring the next generation to focus on staying in Croatia. Dr. Marina Perić-Kaselj and Dr. Natasha K. Ružić joined in events during Connect Week as part of discussions around the project “”Measures for immigration, integration and employment of descendants of Croatian emigrants from South America (IMIN; HGK; North University)” which is financed by the Central State Office for Croats Abroad of the Republic of Croatia. In the picture (in order) is dr. sc. Natasha Ružić, Professor Marin Milković (University North, rector), dr. sc. Marina Perić Kaselj (IMIN, director) and associate professor Petar Mišević (University North, vice-rector).

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