Migration Policymaking in the EU: Towards an Evidence-based Approach

Scientific and Expert Meeting

Migration Policymaking in the EU: Towards an Evidence-based Approach

Zagreb, 23 January 2020 

On 23 January 2020, the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMIN) in collaboration with ReSOMA (Research Social Platform On Migration and Asylum) organized the scientific and expert meeting on “Migration Policymaking in the EU: Towards an Evidence-based Approach”.

The event comprised three sessions with two speakers per session followed by panel discussions.

In the first session, major policy options for improved EU asylum policies in the light of current developments and the implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees were identified. Following presentations on key asylum challenges and developments in Croatia, the session discussed the prospects for increased use of alternative legal pathways, such as resettlement. 

The second panel highlighted challenges and obstacles for improved refugee integration policies in Croatia with a special focus at the local level. Taking into account the holistic, long-term approach to integration advocated by ReSOMA, the session discussed concrete needs and opportunities for EU-supported measures in the upcoming 2021 to 2027 funding period.

The concluding session focused on public opinion and welcoming social climate as a precondition for sustainable asylum policies and successful integration. Recent research findings on public opinion in Croatia were complemented by ReSOMA’s recommendations for communicating on migration issues.

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