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Since 2013, the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies is a partner in the project “European Web site on integration”, which is co-managed by the Migration Policy Group (MPG), on behalf of the European Commission. In the period 2013‒2015, Dr Snježana Gregurović was designated as the Country Coordinator for Croatia. She has been replaced by Dr Drago Župarić-Iljić as of January 2016.

The European Web Site on Integration (EWSI) is an EU-wide platform for networking on integration, through exchange about policies and practices. In particular, this website is:

  • a documentation facility;
  • an on-line data collection tool for good practices;
  • and a platform for the direct exchange of information between stakeholders.

Governmental and non-governmental stakeholders working on integration issues at European, national, regional, and local levels are at the centre of the Web Site. They create and share knowledge in the form of documents or good practices. They take an active role in posting news items and events. They use the Web Site both as a reference tool to learn from others and as a practical instrument to communicate the information they have. It is therefore vital for stakeholders (authorities, practitioners, civil sector, academics, volunteers) working for the integration of third-country nationals, to contribute their knowledge to the wider integration community, by making their work available on the Web Site.

One may find here, among other content, an overview of the European Union’s work on migrant integration. The EU’s work on integration focuses on citizens from countries outside the European Union who legally stay in one of the 28 EU Member States. The following information is to be found on the EWSI web-page:

  • The mandate to promote integration at EU level;
  • EU actions to make integration work;
  • Integration in different policy areas (active citizenship, economic participation, social cohesion, education and culture, anti-discrimination and equality), and for different newcomers (labour, family and study migrants, refugees).

The role of the Country Coordinator is to maintain the Country Information Sheet for Croatia, to identify relevant national-level content (news, events, documents, and practices), and post them on the website, as well as to contribute to special analytical publications. Furthermore, the Country Coordinator role also includes the promotion of the website within its networks and at the local, regional, and national levels.

Please see more on:

Country Information Sheet for Croatia:

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