ETHMIG SURVEY DATA CA16111 – International Ethnic and Immigrant Minorities’ Survey Data Network

The main goal of this project and network is to bring together researchers, policy makers, and survey data producers to join efforts to improve the access, usability, dissemination and standards of the multiple and scattered survey data that exist on the economic, social and political integration of ethnic and migrant minorities (EMMs). This COST Action is both relevant and timely, as it will provide the mechanisms that will enhance the research capacity in Europe in the field of EMMs’ economic, social and political integration, and will allow a solid and evidence-based transfer of knowledge to policymakers and civil society organisations about the key consequences and social processes related to the integration of EMMs in European societies and elsewhere. The COST network will focus on multiplying research capacity and on transferring knowledge to a multiplicity of audiences and stakeholders.

The network will achieve these goals by compiling, documenting, archiving and pooling a large amount of data coming from various comparable studies conducted around Europe, thus providing the means to improve the empirical basis of high-quality research. Data will be made available on a web-based platform or Data Hub. The Action also includes a specific research training and educational component with the aim of guaranteeing that these coordinated efforts are carried over into the future through the next generations of researchers.

The Action is backed by 47 proposers undertaking research in 20 European countries and the USA and its composition is balanced in terms of gender, geography, type of organisation and researchers’ career stage.


The Action and Network is formed by more than 140 participants from 36 countries.

The Network is governed by a Management Committee and coordinated by a Core Leadership Group formed by the Action Chair, the Action Vice-Chair and the Leaders of the five working groups:

WG1: Task force on National-level data (National surveys Group)

WG2: Task force on Local-level data (Local surveys Group)

WG3: Setting the guidelines for measuring ethnic and migrant minorities’ integration (Indicators Group)

WG 4: Training young researchers (Educational Group)

WG 5: Interaction with stakeholders and dissemination (Communication Group)

Action Chair:

Prof Laura Morales, Fondation nationale des sciences politiques, Paris





EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020

MC representatives for the Republic of Croatia (MC members):

Dr Margareta Gregurović, Dr Simona Kuti

More information available at:|Name:overview

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