Projekcija filma Stranger in Paradise 18. prosinca 2019. u 11 sati.

Film Stranger in paradise prikazat će se 18. prosinca 2019. U 11 sati u Institutu za migracije i narodnosti u sklopu Global Migration Film Festivala Međunarodne organizacije za migracije UN-a (IOM). Film je na engleskom jeziku.



Film: Stranger in paradise (72 min)


Director: Guido Hendrix

Writer: Guido Hendrix


Star: Valentijn Dhaensen


This film explores the delicate topic of European sentiment towards the inflow of refugees to Europe, represented by one man's attitude towards three separate groups of migrants. Assuming a different face with each group, he is dismissive in the first part, empathetic and welcoming in the second, and represents the official rules and restrictions for migrants in the third. The three acts of the film force the audience to reflect on the role of facts and representation, and on the power to create conditions which determine the future of others.  - trailer filma