Passing on the knowledge acquired through the research activities is not only the Institute's obligation towards the community and society, it is also an important investment in the future of social research, especially in the field of migration, ethnicity and identity.

For more than twenty five years now, the associates of the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies have been involved into undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses at several Croatian universities as the course leaders, lecturers or research practicum and seminar leaders, covering a widest range of research topics, but also giving a scientific and popular contribution to the dissemination of knowledge related to migration, ethnic studies, national minority issues and Croatian emigration. Several researchers participate in teaching at several departments of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, at the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Teacher Education and at the University Centre of Croatian Studies of the Zagreb University, and some at individual high schools or other universities. Researchers from the Institute are also the organizers and presenters at the international and postgraduate courses,and their books, scientific papers and scripts are being used in teaching on all levels of social and humanistic studies.


The Institute was partner or coordinator in several international projects. Research results of the Institute's projects were also applied in the education linked with problems of migration and ethnicity at seminars for secondary school teachers held within the framework of the international Comenius 3 Network projects Migration and Intercultural Relations (2002-2005) and LearningMigration – Learning about migration and intercultural relations in school and teacher training (2005-2008).


Several researchers and junior researchers have been lecturing the postgraduate courses at the Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik, especially the course Divided Societies". In fact, the Institute's associates since 1991 (Silva Mežnarić, and since 2010 the member of the Organising Committee has been Simona Kuti) have been running the postgraduate course "Divided Societies" at the IUC Dubrovnik, initially in cooperation with professors from British Columbia University, Simon Fraser University and Wayne State University, and today with professors from University College Dublin, York University, Toronto, Masaryk University, Brno, University of Zadar and elsewhere. "Divided Societies" includes lecture programs for young researchers and postgraduate students from Croatia and other countries of the European Union, South-East Europe and North America. The associates of the Institute actively participate in the course using the Institute's researches in preparing their lectures. This course is one of the best attended and best evaluated courses of the IUC Dubrovnik.