The Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies perceives conferences as opportunities not only to present acquired knowledge, but also to generate new knowledge. Several conferences organized by the Institute resulted in further studies and new publications which were not the product of an occasion but a result of collaboration between experts and scientists before, during and after the conference.


Scientific conference Current Socio-Demographic Processes on the Croatian Islands

Zlarin, 4 June 2013



The Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies organized a scientific conference entitled Current Socio-Demographic Processes on the Croatian Islands which was held on the island of Zlarin on 4 June 2013.

The conference was organized in four sessions: The demographic situation on the Croatian islands, Development policy and the quality of life on the islands, Island identity and cultural heritage and Migration and second homes. The conference was attended by fourteen scientists with eleven presentations.

The basic idea was to better understand the various dimensions of the concept of islandness determined primarily by the influence and consequences of various types of migration ‒ intraregional, interregional and external as well as the differences in their size and population, location, past and transport connections which are important for the quality and organization of the way of life of the population through invited lectures of the most eminent Croatian scientists who dealt with the problems of the island. In the quality debate the participants sought to improve accesses to research on the island areas and reach new knowledge applicable to the future development of the Croatian islands. In that respect it was a complete success.

The papers presented at the conference were published in a special thematic issue of the journal Migration and Ethnic Themes (no. 2/2013).