The Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies perceives conferences as opportunities not only to present acquired knowledge, but also to generate new knowledge. Several conferences organized by the Institute resulted in further studies and new publications which were not the product of an occasion but a result of collaboration between experts and scientists before, during and after the conference.

Scientific Conference Croats in Slovenia

Zagreb, 20–21 June, 1996


The aim of this scientific conference was to compile and systematize data on the Croats in Slovenia and connections between these two nations that developed over the history. Around fifty scientists and experts from Croatia and Slovenia participated in the conference. Based on their scientific research, memoirs and personal experience, they illustrated historical, geographical, demographic and other important factors in life of the Croats in Slovenia, displayed cultural, ethnological, religious, linguistic and related issues and considered legal, social, economic, psychological and other factors which determine the position of the Croats in Slovenia.