Dr. Marina Perić Kaselj
Administrative Board

Chairperson: Dr. Mladen Vedriš
Members: Dr. Ljubo Jurčić, Dr. Nenad Pokos, Dr. Josip Kumpes.

The Administrative Board passes the legal acts of the Institute. It is in charge of its financial and business policy and passes programs on work and development. It consists of five members and its chairman is appointed by the Minister.


Scientific Council

Chairperson: Dr. Snježana Gregurović
Members: Dr. Dragutin Babić, Dr. Margareta Gregurović, Dr. Snježana Gregurović, Dr. Sanja Klempić Bogadi, Dr. Josip Kumpes, Dr. Simona Kuti, Dr. Sanja Lazanin, Dr. Ana Malnar, Dr. Rebeka Mesarić Žabčić, Dr. Anđelko Milardović, Dr. Dubravka Mlinarić, Dr. Marina Perić Kaselj, Dr. Sonja Podgorelec (deputy chairperson), Dr. Filip Škiljan, and Dr. Aleksandar Vukić. 


The Scientific Council is the Institute's professional body. Among other things, it defines and implements the Institute's scientific policy and discusses and reaches decisions on scientific and professional issues. The Council consists of scientists, and one representative of assistants and post-doctoral students.