Migration and ethnicity are a very relevant and affirmed field in contemporary social research. New phenomena and processes in the world – globalization, the increasing spatial mobility of people, the delocalisation and relocalisation of culture – are all reasons for the growing scientific interest in issues such as migration, ethnicity and identity. The journal Migracijske i etničke teme (in English translation: "Migration and Ethnic Themes") offers researchers working on such themes the possibility to exchange ideas, participate in public debates and also take part in interdisciplinary dialogues.

As a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary journal, Migration and Ethnic Themes publishes works dealing on aspects of migration, ethnicity and identity, from the viewpoint of various social and humanistic disciplines: sociology, anthropology, history, demography, human geography, psychology, political science, economics, law, linguistics, etc. Being an international journal, its sphere of interest truly covers the entire world: papers are published in Croatian and English, and the editorial board may also decide to publish some of them in other languages. The international character of the journal is determined both by the themes of published articles and by the international composition of authors, reviewers and members of the editorial board.

The journal primarily publishes scientific papers, but also other contributions of scientific or professional interest: essays, professional papers, review articles, book reviews and other reviews, information on scientific conferences.


Full texts of articles are available at the web site of Hrcak – Portal of scientific journals of Croatia.

Sanja Klempić Bogadi


Executive Editor
Margareta Gregurović

Editorial Board
Dragan Bagić (Zagreb)
Nihad Bunar (Stockholm)
Florian David Bieber (Graz)
Eva Janska (Prague)
Mojca Pajnik (Ljubljana)
Sanja Lazanin (Zagreb)
Sonja Podgorelec (Zagreb)
Laura Šakaja (Zagreb)
Igor Štiks (Edinburgh)

Jasna Blažević

E-mail: met@imin.hr

Internaional Advisory Board

Petr Dostál (Prague)

Emil Heršak (Zagreb)

Marie-Antoinette Hily (Poitiers)

Vjeran Katunarić (Zadar)

Joanna Kurczewska (Warsaw)

Milan Mesić (Zagreb)

Armando Montanari (Rome)

Mirjana Morokvašić Müller (Paris)

Rainer Münz (Berlin)

Maria Nazaré Oliveira Roca (Lisbon)

Rinus Penninx (Amsterdam)

Sergej Romanenko (Moscow)

Carl-Ulrik Schierup (Norrköping)

Marko Valenta (Trondheim)

Zhanna Zayonchkovskaya (Moscow)

Jernej Zupančič (Ljubljana)

Former Editors-in-Chief

Sanja Lazanin (2009–2012)
Jadranka Čačić-Kumpes (2005–2008)
Laura Šakaja (2002–2004)
Emil Heršak (1990–2001)
Milan Mesić (1985–1989)

The scientific journal Migracijske i etničke teme was published quarterly from 1985 till 2009 (until 2000 under the name Migracijske teme). It has been published three times per year since 2010.

The journal is indexed in:

Sociological Abstracts, Inc. (San Diego, USA) 
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (Bethesda, USA) 
Linguistics and Language Behaviour Abstracts (San Diego, USA) 
International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (London, UK) 
CEEOL – Central and Eastern European Online Library (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals (Lund University, Sweden)