"The great tragedy of Science – the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact."
Thomas H. Huxley

We do not share this stereotype. Migrations and ethnicity represent a very complex and multi-layered topic which does not allow us to stay within the restricted frames of ‘'a beautiful hypothesis and ugly facts.'' Our activities include interdisciplinary research studies (deductive, inductive and abductive), communication of sciences, lectures, organization of conferences, symposiums, workshops etc. These activities contribute to the knowledge about socio-political conditions and consequences of migrations, ethnic development, ethnic relations and different forms of identity. They also help to pass on this knowledge not only to other scientists, students and academic community but also to practical workers, participants in public debates, journalists etc.


za izbor na znanstveno radno mjesto znanstveni suradnik, znanstveno područje društvenih znanosti, znanstveno polje sociologija – 1 izvršitelj (upražnjeno sistematizirano znanstveno radno mjesto)

Forced migration flows and humanitarian crisis in Europe: position paper of the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies

International conference Inclusion and Integration in Diverse Societies (Ljubljana, 20-21 November 2015)

Declaration of the scientific conference Europe and the Mediterranean region (Split, 23 October 2015)

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