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Year 30 / 2014 / Number 1 ISSN 1333-2546 





7          Marina Matešić

The Politics of Gender Asylum in the U. S.: Protection of Women Asylum Seekers in the Context of Global Inequalities 


33        Kosta Sotiroski, Ilija Hristoski

Statistical Performances of Population Migration in the Republic of Macedonia at the Beginning of the 21st Century


67        Dario Pavić

Fertility Dynamics of Ethnic Groups in Croatia from 1998 to 2012


95        Barbara Riman

The Immigration of People from Slovenian Regions to the Parishes in the Central Region and the Kupa Valley Based on the Notes from Ecclesiastical Status Animarum Books from the Mid-19th to Mid-20th Century 




125      Margareta Gregurović

Zvi Bekerman, Thomas Geisen (eds), International Handbook of Migration, Minorities and Education: Understanding Cultural and Social Differences in Processes of Learning


128      Mario Bara

Dubravka Božić Bogović, Rođenje, brak i smrt – stanovništvo južne Baranje u 18. stoljeću 


130      Slaven Kale

Jive Maász, Jozef Mallinerits, Čunovo: naše selo/naša obec




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