The Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies perceives conferences as opportunities not only to present acquired knowledge, but also to generate new knowledge. Several conferences organized by the Institute resulted in further studies and new publications which were not the product of an occasion but a result of collaboration between experts and scientists before, during and after the conference.


2nd Round Table Ethnic Development of European Nations: Croatia – Europe

Zagreb (Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies), 20.03.1999


The Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies in Zagreb organized the second round table with the title "Ethnic Development of European Nations: Croatia – Europe" as a part of the ethnicity research in Croatia and in the world. It was the second of several conferences whose aim was to assemble the Croatian scientists engaged in this significant field of research within the framework of social sciences and humanities. These conferences included discussions on the key aspects of ethnicity in Croatia and in the world, ethnic relations in transition societies, ethnic identity as well as discussions on correlations between ethnicity and culture, religion, language, education, politics, history, regionalism, migration, modernisation, development, economy etc.
The second round table included the following topics:

  • Ethnicity and culture
  • Ethnicity and education
  • Ethnicity and history.

Every topic consisted of an introductory lecture followed by a discussion. The lecture presen