The Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies perceives conferences as opportunities not only to present acquired knowledge, but also to generate new knowledge. Several conferences organized by the Institute resulted in further studies and new publications which were not the product of an occasion but a result of collaboration between experts and scientists before, during and after the conference


International Scientific Conference Migration and Ethnicityat the Beginning of the 21st Century

Zagreb, 26 February 2015


On the occasion ofthe 30th anniversary of the publication of the journal Migration and Ethnic Themes (1985‒2015), the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies organized an international scientific conference entitled Migration and Ethnicity at the Beginning of the 21st Century which was held in Zagreb on 26 February 2015.


The conference was attended by researchers from various scientific profiles who, through their presentations and discussions, tried to explain approaches to the study of the scientific field of migration and ethnicity, analyze their different aspects as well as their connection, examine the effects on group and individual identification, and consider the demographic changes that occur as a result of migration processes or reflect the generally complex ethnic relations, in particular those in the region of Southeast Europe.


After the introductory words of the journal's chief editors (the current editor-in-chief Sanja Klempić Bogadi, the former editor-in-chief Emil Heršak, and the founder and first editor-in-chief Milan Mesić), a plenary session followed first and then work in sessions. Invited lectures by prominent researchers were presented at the plenary session, while other presentations, due to a great number of participants from Croatia as well as from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia, were divided in the following nine sessions: Migration policy, citizenship and international mobilityThe labour market, development and migration; Internal migration: causes and consequences; Depopulation and migration; Immigration processes and identity; Migration and cultural exchange; Ethnicity and fertility; Multiethnicity and identity; National minorities: status and rights.